At Curacao we focus on creating promotional marketing activity that is guaranteed to increase our sales, enhance our business, and improve the relationships between customers and employees.


Our associates pay less on a majority of our products. You get a 10% discount if paying with cash or 20% off if paying with our Curacao credit card.

Medical & Dental Coverage

Our low-cost medical and dental programs help take the sting out of visiting the doctor or dentist. Eligible full-time associates can choose from a variety of health plans where you can select the coverage that’s right for you, your family and your budget. Costs vary by the type of coverage you choose. (Same gender domestic partner coverage is also available.) Contributions to these plans can be made pre-tax to keep more cash in your paycheck.

Disability Income Protection

Programs to protect your income in the event of a short-term disability due to illness or non-work related injury are important for you and your family. Curacao offers this voluntary program to eligible full-time and part-time associates.

Accident Indemnity Plan

This plan protects you when you have a non-work related injury that is considered an accident. It covers emergency and follow-up treatment, the initial hospitalization, physical therapy and much more. Curacao offers this voluntary program to eligible full-time and part-time associates.

Healthy Living Wellness Programs

Curacao realizes that good health begins with making smart choices and practicing preventive care. At all our Curacao locations, associates can participate in ZUMBA. A Latin dance-inspired fitness program, Zumba combines dance and aerobic elements, making staying in shape a fun and rewarding activity! In addition, we provide quarterly blood pressure checks and discounted Weight Watchers programs and much more.


Here at Curacao, we believe that when we hire you, we aren’t simply giving you a job. We are helping you build a secure financial future. One way to get there is by having a solid retirement plan. Curacao offers eligible associates a 401(k) Investment Plan that helps you save for retirement, with the opportunity for tax savings. If you qualify, you can invest from 1% to 60% of your eligible pay with a pre-tax payroll deduction. The plan even includes a generous match from Curacao on a portion of your pre-tax savings. Curacao will match 0.50 cents per dollar for the first 3% of your contribution.


Keeping a balance between your work life and your personal life is important to your well-being. Curacao offers you several options for time off when you need them.

Paid Time Off

Living your life means enjoying time away from work, too. Based on position and length of service, paid vacations, holidays, and sick days are provided to eligible associates.

Leave of Absence

Sometimes life throws you an unexpected change that requires time off. As a Curacao associate, you can request a leave of absence from work to care for yourself, a new child or an eligible ill or disabled member of your immediate family, a disability, military duty, or other personal reasons.

Shift Availability

Serving our customers involves working early hours, evenings and weekends. Curacao offers flexible work-schedule choices whenever possible to help you better balance your professional duties with your personal responsibilities.


Curacao values your time. So we offer the tools to help you handle work-related details with the greatest of ease.

Direct Deposit

Get your paycheck to the bank without you having to take it there. No more using your lunch hour to go to the bank, standing in bank lines, or coming in to get your check if payday falls on your day off. Direct Deposit is the fastest, easiest way to give you instant access to your pay.

Employee Connection (Self-Service)

A web-based system that gives you access to work-related information, our Employee Connection gives you everything you need at your fingertips. Go online to review options about benefits, paycheck and taxes. You’ll also find the latest company newsletter, discount services, and tools to report any issues or concerns.


Having a place to park is easy and available at all our locations. (A minimal monthly charge is deducted for those associates that work in the Los Angeles/Corporate location.)