Our History and our Awards

Our History

Born in Iran and raised in Israel, Jerry Azarkman arrived in California at the age of twenty-four with only $20 in his pocket. A determined young man with a talent for entrepreneurship, he exchanged those $20 dollars for merchandise he bought wholesale in downtown L.A., and became a door-to-door salesperson. His customers—mostly Latino immigrants—were people who had come to the U.S. seeking a better life and opportunities, but after years of toiling in their adoptive country didn’t have much to show for it, not even something as basic as a credit history.
In 1981, when Jerry’s brother, Ron, moved to Los Angeles to join him, together they opened what would turn out to be a powerhouse in retail, services, and community issues—Curacao. That group of Latino immigrants who opened their doors and their hearts to Jerry became the first customers of what is now a multimillion dollar operation. With over two million credit applications, Curacao has become one of the most trusted names in Hispanic retail sales and for over thirty years has continued to prove its dedication to the community by continuing to provide quality products, outstanding customer service, and increasing access to financial services for our customers.
Curacao has been the first to launch many groundbreaking services, including its exports operation, which allows our customers to send a variety of products to their relatives and friends in Central American countries and Mexico. We are at the forefront of the Latino market, expanding innovative services that include internet, phone, travel, and money transfers.
Just like our customers, we here at Curacao continue to strive toward a better future. We work hard to find innovative ways to serve our customers, to make ourselves a more efficient company, and to keep pace with the changes in society. As the Latino population expands, and the new generations continue to enrich U.S. society through their invaluable contributions, Curacao will be there to meet the demands of our dynamic and rapidly-evolving Latino communities for generations to come!

Building a Strong Brand

At Curacao, we continuously strive to find innovative ways to expand and grow as a company, and to provide the best service, products, and high-end technology to our customers. We have always prided ourselves in being the top retail chain store servicing the Hispanic community. We have watched the presence of the population we serve grow and become stronger, more knowledgeable, and more influential in U.S. Society. In order to reflect the changes in the Hispanic community, we have also made important changes at our stores.


Our new logo is the Bird of Paradise flower. Through the centuries, it has come to symbolize many things to different people. To some, it is a symbol of freedom. To others it means magnificence, a clear perspective, or joy. It is an emblem of paradise itself to some, a symbol of faithfulness to others.


For all these reasons, this beautiful tropical flower is our new logo. To us at Curacao, the Bird of Paradise is a symbol of everything we believe in. It reflects the values of the population we serve. It represents our dedication to remain faithful to our Latino communities and to continue to provide you—our customer—with a service driven by honesty, respect, and the outmost courtesy.